The Authors

Bev HamiltonBev Hamilton is the executive assistant, teaching and learning, in the office of the provost at her university. She mostly spends her time trying to solve problems, remove and erect barriers, facilitate the circulation of information, build networks that help, and keep people safe for and from democracy in its guise of academic governance. Her hobbies are poking sticks at things and wondering why.

Phil GranieroPhil Graniero is an associate professor in a conventional department, and a program chair in an unconventional centre. A stretch as an acting associate dean, a couple of years as a senator, and groundwork on many university committees has let him work and converse directly with hundreds of people at every level and in nearly every nook and cranny of the university. But he’s really a nerd, and enjoys building software that turns heaps of numbers into things that are actually meaningful to real human beings. His hobbies include running in increasingly ridiculous conditions and finding connections everywhere.

They both enjoy recommending new reading material to the other faster than it can ever possibly be read. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which one of the two is wordier.